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From The Archives: What's the Story with the Irish Political Parties, Hugh? | July 26th 2022

In this episode of Basically we are taking you back to an interview from July 2022. Stefanie was joined by political correspondent Hugh O’Connell, to talk all things politics. He breaks down the different political parties within Ireland, and what they...
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What's the Story with being a Buyer's Agent, Liz?

In this episode, Stefanie is joined by Ireland's Original Buyer's Agent Liz O'Kane.

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What’s The Latest In Science, Luke?

In this episode, Stefanie is joined by Luke O'Neill once again, to discuss the latest in science and his new book To Boldly Go Where No Book Has Gone Before.<...
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What's the Story with Crisis Communications, Terry?

In this episode, Stefanie is joined by Terry Prone, the Chairman of The Communications Clinic to discuss crisis communications.

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What's the Story with Israel and Palestine, Tom?

This week Stefanie is joined by Irish Senator, author, and retired Irish Army Captain Tom Clonan to discuss what is happening in Israel and Palestine.

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What's the Story with TikTok, Nia?

This week Stefanie is joined by Social media influencer Nia Gallagher to talk all things TikTok.

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Stefanie Preissner

A Munich-born but Mallow-raised podcaster. Stefanie is the creator of hit comedy-drama series Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope. Her first book, Why Can’t Everything Just Stay the Same? was an Irish bestseller and nominated for an Irish Book Award.