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Double Love

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And now, what you've been waiting for - it's Margo time! Yes, the infamous twin-lookalike serial killer finally makes her debut, and she exceeds all our expectations. And while she makes her way across the country, back in Sweet Valley all is not well. Poor Elizabeth is traumatised and guilt-ridden after the accident, Lila is having a nervous breakdown, and Jessica is dealing with both Sam's death and the fact that she's letting her twin take the fall for a tragedy she caused. Meanwhile a jaunty Bruce pursues the girl of his dreams (Regina who?), Olivia finds romance with yet another boundary-free boy and bonds with her new BFF Nicholas Morrow (WTF?), and Todd is the absolute worst. All this and - HUNKS! Warning: we get very giddy in this episode. This show is part of the HeadStuff Podcast Network. For more, go to HeadStuffPodcasts.com, where you can also become a member of HeadStuff+ and get exclusive access to bonus material and lots more.

Just a heads up for the content, some of Lila's storyline in this episode might be distressing as she's still dealing with the aftermath of the Jungle Prom, so if you're not in the form for that, maybe skip ahead for those parts.