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S2 Ep56: I Wanna Lie Down Like That Daddy

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Show Notes

Dubland is back! They talk about the Olympics and the merit of just allowing drug use. The Euros, England's fans and Jack Grealish and Declan Rice. A quick mention of Conor McGregor's ankle and then back to the Euros, Italy took all of their tactics from Dublin football team. Colour therapy and how to be calm and then some Love Island talk where agreement cannot be reached. PJ has a lovely walk up a hill and then is quickly dragged back down to earth. Going on your holidays 20 minutes up the road. Suzanne's friend Jeremy Clarkson and his farming stuff. No holiday in the sun this year for the Dublanders. So you listeners will have to keep them company, you can do that on HeadStuffPodcasts.com!