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S5 Ep10 – You're Not Ugly, You're Just Poor

Pretty Privilege. Botox. Bleached areseholes....Grace and Conor discuss the price of beauty is in a cost of living crisis.

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S5 Ep9 – How To Fight Fatphobia with Kate Manne

Acclaimed feminist author and philosopher Kate Manne stopped by Fad Camp to chat to Grace and Conor about her illuminating new book, Unshrinking: How To Fight Fat...
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Presenting: The Jump – Bridget Jones's Diary episode

Exciting news Fad Camp listeners - Grace has a new podcast, The Jump! It is a brilliant comedy podcast where Grace and pop culture obsessive Niamh King ask the qu...
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S5 Ep8 – Celebrity Morning Routines

How oiled up should a man be? How many showers should one person have in a day? Conor and Grace do a deep dive on some of the wildest celebrity routines out there...
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S5 Ep7 – Diets For Athletes: Swim Edition

A Fad Camp listener wrote to us about her experience as a teenager being a professional athlete and swimmer. She has allowed us to share her powerful story and ta...
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S5 Ep6: The Carnivore Diet

Vegans vs Carnivores? We know who Joe Rogan has his money on, but what do Grace and Conor think of this all meat all the time diet?

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Grace Mulvey

Conor Dowling

Conor, a Dublin-based writer and director known for films like "The Light of Day," Day," "Noise," and "Carnivores."