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Fascinated with Gearóid Farrelly
Ep 56: Pop and Pride with Bright Light Bright Light

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Show Notes

Bright Light Bright Light is welsh musician, artist and songwriter Rod Thomas.

Originally from a small town in Wales, Rod has become one of our most respected independent queer artists with approval in the form of collaborations and touring opportunities from some of the world's biggest stars.

He began learning piano, guitar and saxophone as a child and began performing acoustically under his own name. In 2010 he defined his synth sound with the release of his debut single "Love Part ii".  He has gone on to release 4 albums and has just released a compilation album "So Gay, So Dramatic". He has toured with Cher, Scissor Sisters and Elton John. 

In this conversation we chat about LGBTQ representation, his place in the music industry and how he has done everything in his career himself. 

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You can listen to Bright Light Bright Light's Music on Spotify, download on Apple or buy gorgeous physicals on brightlightx2.com

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