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#169 | Alan Keane| Writer/Producer

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Happy Easter FNI'ers. Thanks for Stopping by!!!!

Joining Paul Butler Lennox on FNI Wrap Chat this time around, from a little while back is a brilliant Film and TV personality and wonderful writer and producer; Mr Alan Keane of Hot Drop Films.

Alan speaks about his lean years, spending time learning the ropes in the states, the importance of Reliance and differing approaches to story and scriptwriting. 

Alan Keane is a writer, story editor and producer working in Live Action and Animation. Alan specialises in working closely with other creatives, be they writers, producers or directors. A professionally trained creative collaborator who knows how to get the best out of creative relationships and leads by doing.

Alan is a graduate of NUIG’s Heuston Film Schools Master’s in Screenwriting program where he was awarded the Pat Sheehan Scholarship to the prestigious UCLA’s professional screenwriting program back in 2005. Since then Alan has worked full time in the industry as a writer and story editor across a slew of different genres, from drama to comedy, live action to animation, helping to create content for kids and grown ups alike. Several of the shows Alan has worked have gone on to win Emmy’s, BAFTA’s and even Royal Television society awards.

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