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Show Notes

Welcome back to a very special episode of Wrapchat! hosted by Mark Monks, we had the unique incredible opportunity to attend the Boyne Valley Film Festival recently. A huge thank you to Frank Kelly and his team for accommodating FNI and allowing us to delve into the world of The Boyne Valley International film Festival and the fantastic movies that were screened. The standard of the shorts this year has been nothing short of incredible.

Guests include:

Kellie Blaise – Writer and lead actress of “Women in Retrograde.” This fascinating short film tackles mental health, hope, and motherhood, weaving a touching story around Zelda Fitzgerald, a forgotten figure from the 1920s.

Mo O’Connell – Multi-talented writer, director, producer, and actress. We discussed her powerful projects “Brusie” and “Mask.” “Brusie” is an intense and raw depiction of domestic violence through interpretive dance, while “Mask” is a suspenseful short with a captivating twist. Highly recommended viewing!

Johnathan Hughes – Writer and director of “La Tumba” and “The Talk.” “The Talk” is a hilarious queer film that cleverly surprises viewers, while “La Tumba” humorously portrays the language barrier between a Spanish woman and a park ranger during a traditional Spanish burial.

Garret Daly – Director, writer, and producer of “Nothing to Declare” and “Personal Space.” “Nothing to Declare” is a wild documentary that recounts the incredible journey of two kids venturing to New York alone. Meanwhile, “Personal Space” is a documentary about a determined 16-year-old aspiring to become a Formula One driver.

Zoe Brennan – Producer of “Baby Steps,” a heartwarming short film directed by renowned award-winning director Hannah Mamalis. The film beautifully explores the joys and challenges of first-time motherhood with a delightful visual presentation.

Rob Earley and Mark Griffin – Producers of “Double Yellow.” This intense and thrilling short, funded through the actors as creator scheme with Bow Street, keeps viewers on the edge of their seats as two brothers embark on a bank heist.

A special thanks to the Boyne Valley Film Festival, Frank Kelly, and the entire team for inviting FNI to engage with these incredible filmmakers and witness such a vast array of outstanding short films. Don’t forget to support us by visiting buymecoffee.com/FNI and And mark your calendars for FNI’s fast fest, a huge and exciting event coming up this October 20th to 22nd. Tickets available via WeAreFni.com/fastfest