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v3.1_bonus: Techin’ eejits and techin’ legends

In this bonus episode from For Tech’s Sake, Elaine and Jenny single out their techin’ eejits and techin’ legends from recent tech news. Listen in to find out why Elaine is calling for a fight between YouTube and OpenAI, Jenny is mad at AI image generat...
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v3.1: AI can be good, actually

We’re back! And we’re catching up on all the AI news, good and bad, that’s been happening. And to prove there really are good applications of AI out there, we spo...
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v2.15_bonus: Elaine and Jenny, your hosts

It’s just us, your hosts, for this bonus episode of For Tech’s Sake. Following on from our round-up of 2023, we’re giving out the For Tech’s Sake awards for Bigge...
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v2.15: What’s another year in tech?

This week it’s just Elaine and Jenny as we round up 2023’s tech news – which took a long time to get through! And even at that, things have changed since this rec...
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v2.14_bonus: Padraig Hennessy, chair of AgTech Ireland

In this extended interview with Padraig Hennessy, chair of AgTech Ireland, you’ll hear more about how he built a successful agri-tech start-up as CEO of Terra Nut...
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v2.14: Smart farming

For a sustainable future, farmers need to learn to work smarter, not harder. That’s according to our guest Padraig Hennessy, CEO of agri-tech start-up Terra Nutri...
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Get to know the hosts!

Jenny Darmody

Jenny is the editor of sci-tech news site Silicon Republic. With a background in journalism spanning a decade, Jenny has been a contributor on several radio stations including RTÉ, Newstalk and Today FM as well as on TV for RTÉ's Six One News and Virgin Media's Ireland AM.

Elaine Burke

Elaine is an award-winning journalist and broadcaster who covers science, technology and media news for print, TV and radio. She was previously the editor of Silicon Republic, and is currently a TV and streaming analyst for The Last Word and resident tech expert on Ireland AM.