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3.6_bonus: Elephant intelligence

We’ve got all the AI updates covered in this episode, from Apple Intelligence and elephant intelligence to user backlash and self-driving car crashes. And we end with a shout-out for legendary computing pioneer Lynn Conway, who passed away earlier this...
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3.6: Matters of life and data

In this episode, we're looking at health data all the way from the cradle to the grave, and beyond! Helping us on this journey is Prof Ciara Heavin, co-director o...
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v3.5_bonus: Canva creates cringe

In this bonus episode from For Tech’s Sake, Elaine and Jenny weigh up whether Canva’s cringe-inducing rap announcement was junk or genius, and stick it to Spotify...
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v3.5: Think of the children!

Everyone's talking about kids and tech, but is the internet responsible for young people's anxieties? And are bans an effective way of moderating behaviour? We lo...
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v3.4_bonus: Roomba-quality work

In this bonus episode from For Tech’s Sake, Elaine and Jenny assess where we’re at with the current AI hype cycle (with some help from a scathing op-ed from tech ...
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v3.4: Internet of trash

Did you know there are bins in Dublin connected to the internet? They are part of what’s known as the internet of things, or IoT, which is turning into something ...
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Get to know the hosts!

Jenny Darmody

Jenny is the editor of sci-tech news site Silicon Republic. With a background in journalism spanning a decade, Jenny has been a contributor on several radio stations including RTÉ, Newstalk and Today FM as well as on TV for RTÉ's Six One News and Virgin Media's Ireland AM.

Elaine Burke

Elaine is an award-winning journalist and broadcaster who covers science, technology and media news for print, TV and radio. She was previously the editor of Silicon Republic, and is currently a TV and streaming analyst for The Last Word and resident tech expert on Ireland AM.