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v2.6: Dude, where’s my bias-free search engine?

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Show Notes

How much do you know about a tech tool you use every day? Google is often the first port of call for many of us online, but how much do we understand the algorithms deciding the results of our search? And how are recommendations engines shaping our online experience?

To discuss these things and more, we spoke to Prof Gareth Jones, an internationally recognised expert on information retrieval and search technologies based at the ADAPT Centre in Dublin City University.

Gareth gave us an insight into how search engines work, answered our questions on whether platforms are listening to us to generate recommendations, and gave us a glimpse into how we might search audio and video media in future.

— Find out more about Gareth’s research at adaptcentre.ie

— You can listen to Elaine’s TV reviews and recommendations every Monday evening on The Last Word, TodayFM

— Read about the Bot Sentinel report she referred to at the top of the episode here: https://dot.la/amber-heard-trolls-2657703228.html

— Check out Silicon Republic’s analysis of the 2023 Digital News Report for Ireland here: https://www.siliconrepublic.com/business/social-media-digital-news-report-ireland

— Power up your search skills with these pro tips: https://www.lifehack.org/articles/technology/20-tips-use-google-search-efficiently.html

— And if you want to understand more about algorithms and AI, check out our previous episode, AI & U

We’ll release Gareth’s interview in its entirety for HeadStuff+ Community members next week, and we’ll be back in a fortnight with an all-new episode.

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