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Christopher Walken – Part 1

This week we begin our two part coverage on the King of the Character Actors: Christopher Walken. Known for his eccentric characters, out there line deliveries and the ease with which he switches from calm to chilling, Walken is one of the greatest liv...
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Folk Horror (with Katie McGrath)

This Halloween, Andrew and Stephen walk into the woods to meet five-time returning guest Katie McGrath. Together they’re talking folk horror. From The Wicker Man ...
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Vincent Price

The midnight hour is close at hand this week on I Know That Face as we take a deep dive into horror films starring Vincent Price. The Merchant of Menace is best k...
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I Know That Face Redux | Stars for Rent – Ethan Hawke

Exclusively for HeadStuff+ subscribers we've got a brand new series of bonus episodes called Stars For Rent. In a post-Taken world, every A-list actor wants their...
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Djimon Hounsou

I Know That Face returns! We're champions of the underappreciated here and few other actors feel as underappreciated as Djimon Hounsou. A commanding and authorita...
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Ernest Borgnine

On our last episode before our annual summer break, we talk about the career of the legendary Ernest Borgnine. A naval officer through the war years, he turned to...
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Andrew Carroll

Andrew is a writer, podcaster, editor and civil service goon based in Dublin, Ireland. He has written for The University Observer in UCD, Film Ireland, TheCity.ie and HeadStuff. He is the editor of the HeadStuff Gaming section but spends more time playing games than he does writing about them.

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