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I can't stand and she can't sit!

Like a phoenix from the ashes, Deirdre has risen! This week the girls are reunited and Deirdre shares her war stories after an unfortunate bout of illness.

Meanwhile, Emma turned 40! 

Panic attacks, numbing cream, disappearing thongs,the do...
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Bonus: Moths, rats and swimming caps…

... And some maggots too. This week on Thanks A Milf, Deirdre and Emma discuss red lipstick, swimming lessons, pet rats, sizable craniums - and a story from the J...
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Very delicate system…

An extravaganza of gastrointestinal gaffs, complicated relationships with money, vertigo and learning to drive. This and much more, Enjoy!

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Bonus: That was an awakening!

This week Deirdre and Emma react to Harrison Butker’s graduation speech, there’s tales of youthful athleticism and of course, a sexual awakening. Enjoy! Thanks a ...
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Due to papal demand…

This week we discuss the recent papal visit of some of the world's best comedians. 

Then there's a natural progression to breastfeed orangutans and the phen...
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Bonus: One week in Smash Hits Magazine…

This week on Thanks a Milf, we enjoy reminiscing on pen pals, letters to teachers and children vomiting. This and more, enjoy!

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Get to know the hosts!

Emma Doran - Host of Keep It Tight

Emma Doran

Emma’s jealously of Billy Barry kids came to a boiling point 10 years ago when she decided to do her first stand up gig at the Ha’penny Bridge Inn. It was love/obsession after that first 7 minute set to 20 odd people and she hasn’t stopped since only to give birth ocassionally.

Deirdre O'Kane - Host of Keep It Tight

Deirdre O'Kane

The last few years have been something of a whirlwind for Deirdre. She recently fronted her own talk show - Deirdre O’Kane Talks Funny - in the primetime Saturday night slot on RTÉ One and debuted a brand new standup comedy series, The Deirdre O’Kane Show, with Sky Comedy. Deirdre also appear