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Paddy Wants To Know Brexit
11: #11 | Brexit, Bacon and AI

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The pod goes on the road for the time to muck in and see how Brexit is going to affect the pig industry. Tommy Brady’s farm in Ballyjamesduff exports 100% of its pigs up north! He gave the low down on the lay of the land as it is now, emerging markets and the other kind of AI. Like the show? We'd appreciate a review on Apple Podcasts if you do. Follow us at @PaddyBrexit 1:10: How many of Tommy’s piggies go to market in Northern Ireland? 2:40: Why does he sell into the North? 4:10: Why isn’t he panicking over Brexit? 4:58: What do the Europeans eat? 6:12: EU food standards versus industry standards 8:20: Irish standard of pork 8:48: Could the Irish farmer export to other markets? 10:40: The 5th quarter of the pig and who eats them? 12:23: Can the pork market diversify away from the UK to another part of the world? 13:05: Where does Ireland fit into the EU pork producing market? 14:40 How pig farming is the same the world over 18:17: Mucking in and EU regulations affecting the industry 20:00: The industrialisation of the pig industry 21:55: The other kind of AI: Artificial insemination 23:55: Will stockpiling work? 25:57: How much of his supply chain is UK related? 27:00: The optimism of the businessman