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Prospect 57
2: Prospect 57 | 2 | The Hospital

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As they wait for James to wake up, Nic goes to Aaron and shares what she knows about his attack.  Written and Directed by Brid Ni Chomain and Ella Maria Carmen Produced, mixed and edited by Taz Kelleher Starring: Nic - played by Ella Maria Carmen. Gary Tyrell - played by Conor Miley Ellen Tyrell - played by Fiona Coughlan. Monica - played by Brid Ni Chomain James - played by Adam O’Brien. Aaron - played by Conn Cowman. Jess and Niamh - played by Clodagh Phelan and Caitriona Williams. Vanya - played by Conn Cowman. Music - Cathal Folan Artwork - Darragh R. Farrell and Cormac O'Dwyer