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All Stars 9: Episode 3 & 4 w/ Louise McSharry

Snatch Game and a fun twist in the make over challenge are the order of business this week and here to get into the highs lows, snips and wins is Louise McSharry

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All Stars 9: Episode 1 & 2

All Stars 9 is here and we've got 2 episodes to dive into. 8 new queens, 24 looks and 1 lipsync challenge, but who has made the best first impression?

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Season 16 Troy's Finale Tea

We couldn't let the coverage of Season 16 end without hearing Troy's thoughts on Season 16 and the All Stars 9 cast!

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Season 16: Finale w/ James O'Hagan

A new queen has been crowned and it's time to chit-chat about the finale and the season as a whole with the podcast OG James O'Hagan.

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Season 16: Episode 14 w/ Troy McEady

The final 4 tell their stories, fan their fashion and become three following a format "twist" (?). Troy and Cian get into this episode and their predictions for t...
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Season 16: Episode 13 w/ Ella Morgan

The queens are making over the dancers from Drag Race Vegas Live and not all of them excel. MAFS Ella Morgan joins Cian to get into the highs and lows and to spec...
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Cian Sullivan

Cian Sullivan is a podcast and radio host, who enjoys delving into queer cultural topics on podcasts Sissy That Pod & Queer Classified and on his weekly radio show on RTÉ Pulse, Club 96.