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S4 Ep1: Come shopping with us!

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Show Notes

In the first episode of our new season we delve into one of our favourite topics: shopping! 

In the shopping trolley: What are our number one food shops both nationally and internationally? What shops did we grow up with? What do snobby French people think of Eataly? Why the shopping trolley is essential? What is the special night time ingredient men can get at Pinoy Pinoy Sari?

While Mei as a child was fascinated with the deli counter and the immensity of American supermarkets, Blanca spent her childhood between the sterile supermarkets and lush food markets of Central America and Dee grew up in Tipperary with a freezer full of meat and doing shopping at Bernie's her local supermarket. 
This episode is the perfect complement to our very successful shopping guides that cover Korea, China, Spain, Venezuela, ramen, Turkey, Egypt and fun grocery shopping and which are available on our website.

Our cookbook Soup published by Blasta Books will be published on January 26, 2023 and you can pre-order here.


Mentioned in this episode:

Ayla Turkish Shop
Costless (Tallaght)
Pinoy Sari Sari
Dasco Deli
The English Market in Cork

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