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S3E19 – Epidurals in Labour: Myths & Facts with Dr. Anne Doherty

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Show Notes

Gain a comprehensive understanding of epidurals and their role in labour pain management. Join us on the Baby Tribe as we tackle listener-submitted questions about the procedure. We promise to provide you with clear, compassionate, and evidence-based information to help you navigate your pain relief options during labour confidently. Our discussion underscores that your choice of pain relief does not diminish your birth experience's strength or value.

 We begin by demystifying what an epidural is, walking you through the placement process, and detailing how it effectively alleviates pain while maintaining crucial sensations of pressure. Whether you're anxious about needles or curious about the sensations you might experience, we break it all down to offer reassurance and clarity. Communication and comfort are paramount, and we emphasize their importance throughout the procedure to ensure a positive experience.

 From exploring the risks and side effects to tracing the evolution of epidural analgesia, we provide a balanced understanding of epidural safety. We address rare risks, common side effects, and debunk outdated myths about labour duration and cesarean sections. Additionally, we touch on the impact of modern epidurals on breastfeeding success and explain phenomena like epidural fever. Don't miss our light-hearted interludes, including a humorous story about a past episode's bad hair day and a funny anecdote about directions in the West of Ireland, adding a personal and entertaining touch to the episode.

 More info n: https://www.labourpains.org/

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