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S3E8:  Understanding Preterm Birth Long-Term Outcomes in Health and Education with Dr Kara Goss podcast artwork

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S3E8: Understanding Preterm Birth Long-Term Outcomes in Health and Education with Dr Kara Goss

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Show Notes

Unlock the mysteries of preterm birth and its lifelong impact on health with our latest Baby Tribe podcast episode. We're joined by an expert in adult respiratory and intensive care, who brings a wealth of paediatric knowledge to the table, and together we offer a beacon of hope to parents of preterm infants. From the laugh-inducing tales of my car's 'romance mode' to a discussion on the minimal academic differences between preterm and full-term children, this episode is a rich tapestry of humour and wisdom that promises to leave you with a profound understanding of the resilience of the human spirit.

Embark on a journey through the academic world as we break down Z-scores and their implications for understanding classroom age diversity. We unravel a comprehensive study on nearly 800,000 children's performance in language and mathematics, revealing the promising future that awaits preterm babies in their educational pursuits. The episode further welcomes the brilliant Dr. Kara Goss, who shares her captivating narrative from childhood curiosity about medicine to her groundbreaking research on the cardiovascular and pulmonary effects of premature birth. Her insights are a testament to a career built on passion and dedication to improving lives.

As we explore the health trajectories of those born prematurely, we marvel at the incredible recovery and growth potential that unfolds into adulthood. The episode highlights the significance of a nourishing lifestyle, particularly for heart and lung development, and celebrates the collaborative efforts within the medical community aiming to optimize care for this unique population. Join us as we share uplifting stories of former preemies, their personal triumphs, and the academic success of our lab trainees, all while fostering a deeper appreciation for the journey of preterm infants. This is an episode filled with laughter, learning, and a touch of the extraordinary—don't miss it.

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