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The World According to Wikipedia
S3 Ep28: Wikimedians Assemble!

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Show Notes

In this episode Rebecca talks about her time at the Wikimedia Summit in Berlin and the 2022 European GLAMwiki Coordinators meeting in Prague. We hear from a number of the attendees in Berlin.

We discuss the rules around starting over on Wikipedia and go a little deep on death.
We also talk about the cultural impact of the Child of Prague. Video of an incident with a chicken.

Our hero this episode is the Italian language group, Wiki Donne alongside Europlanet Society, Women In Red, 500 Women Scientists, Wikimujeres, Wikimedia Belgium and Wikimedia Espana. 

Transcript of Anass from Morocco: “Hello, this is Anass from Wikimedia Morocco. I came to this summit in Germany and met many people from several countries. We talked about our different projects and activities in our regions. I spoke about the MCDC, the movement charter drafting committee that I am a member of. Thank you very much all. I hope that you are doing well”

Transcript of Ivan from Mexico: "Hello, my name is Ivan, volunteer at Wikimedia Mexico. One of the most valuable things for me of the Wikimedia Summit is to have reconnected with people, to have seen them face to face after so long and moreover the excitement of knowing that we will continue together doing nice projects."

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