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What Am Politics?
140 – What Am Politics? (The Finale)

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Show Notes

It took some doing, but after 5 years and 140 episodes we have finally covered every single detail on the subject of politics. From this point onwards there will be no new information on the topic. Anyone who makes a claim to the contrary is probably a fascist and is not to be trusted.

Emotional deflection aside, it has been our sincerest pleasure to be the voices in your head and we hope you learned a thing or two, and maybe had a little giggle along the way. 

There's a bajillion podcasts out there, so we really cannot thank you enough for gifting us with your time and attention. You have made us both feel as warm and fuzzy as Hercules after a bath.

We hope you enjoy this, our final episode.

Lots of love,

Steve & Richie