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S2 Ep10: What Would You Do If You Were Stuck In Quicksand?

If you grew up in the last century, you probably know all about quicksand. It's one of the scariest concepts that basically every tv show would run with at some point. But would you know what to do if it started to swallow you up?
And in case you're...
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S2 Ep9: What Would You Do If You Found Loads Of Money?

It's a big moral dilemma this week – what would you do if you found money on the street, in a shop or somewhere else? We find out how many people would hand it back ...
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S2 Ep8: What Would You Do If You Ran Out Of Toilet Paper?

 For us in the West, running out of toilet roll is like a panic-inducing nightmare. Just in case it happens though, we’ve thrown ourselves into a world of rocks and ...
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What Would You Do If? BONUS | Irish Man Chooses To Be Buried Alive!

Absolute scenes were had in the UK when an Irish man named Mick Meaney decided he wanted to be buried alive. It's a story of hope, pride and one husband's lack of...
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S2 Ep7: What Would You Do If You Were Buried Alive?

Being buried alive is absolutely one of the scariest ideas going. After researching this topic, Jess was awake the whole night with the fear of Callum mistaking her ...
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What Would You Do If? BONUS | Did Ross Cheat On Rachel?

Being the know-it-all he is, Callum has decided that he can be the definitive voice in deciding if Ross cheated on Rachel when they were on break. For the first t...
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