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26: Ian Maleney

As well as being a gifted writer, Ian Maleney is a very thoughtful and articulate speaker, which comes across in this conversation. Ian talks about a lot of the topics that he has that he expressed in his collection of essays, Minor Monuments, as well as ...
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25: Hugo Hamilton

In Hugo Hamilton’s fictional memoir, Dublin Palms, he explores themes of home and displacement and describes the difficulty of growing up in a multi-lingual home. He...
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24: Anne Griffin

Anne Griffin’s debut novel, 'When All is Said' is rightly getting praise from authors, reviewers and the public for its depiction of Maurice Hannigan, a fictional ch...
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23: Niall MacMonagle

‘I think what poetry needs most of all is music.’
This episode of WriteStuff features Niall MacMonagle, who is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about po...
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22: Helen Cullen

Helen Cullen offers insights into how she wrote her first novel, The Lost Letters of William Woolf. After reading from the opening of the novel, Helen describes how ...
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21: Kerrie O'Brien

In 'Illuminate', Kerrie O’Brien has created a collection of poems that deals with a range of themes, yet is coherent in its style and beauty. Here she talks about ‘I...
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