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‘For Tech’s Sake’ is back for season 3!

We’re in a world surrounded by tech and, in many ways, guided by tech, but how well does the average person understand it?

For Tech’s Sake is back to help listeners become more informed and conscious tech users. Now in its third season, the For Tech’s Sake podcast continues to dispel some of the myths, spin and scaremongering that comes from tech companies and news coverage. Season 3 also has an exciting new look with a new logo designed by Matt Mahon (Digital Director at HeadStuff).

This season of For Tech’s Sake will be the show’s biggest ever, delving under the hood of tech developments to sort the good from the bad and the messy in-between.

“A lot of the coverage and announcements around tech can be bombastic, making everything sound either really impressive or really scary, but we also like to look at the everyday tech that’s perfectly ordinary but also hugely important,” says For Tech’s Sake co-host and creator Elaine Burke. 

“Tech can be incredibly powerful and useful, but it can also be stupid and useless too, and we’re not shy at all about calling it out when it is. We do our best to explain some complex topics and the hope is that people won’t feel too intimidated to then engage with tech on a deeper level,” she added.

As always, this season of For Tech’s Sake will call in experts to help, and listeners can expect many discussions around AI as well as sustainability, connected devices, health-tech, surveillance and even democracy.

“In our first season we spoke to a scientist who is now a UN advisor on AI, and our cybersecurity expert from last season has advised the EU and Europol, so we’ve set the bar high and continue to seek out world-class experts for people to learn from,” said co-host Jenny Darmody. “Watch this space for more exciting guests to come!”

With new episodes every fortnight season three of For Tech’s Sake will be packed with the things you should know about the world of tech, as well as bonus content for HeadStuff+ Community members where hosts Elaine and Jenny mull over the latest tech developments and media coverage, sorting the techin’ legends from the techin’ eejits.

“We see this podcast as an antidote to tech evangelism, but we’re also not complete pessimists,” said Elaine. “Tech is typically only as good or bad as its users, so the more we can help those users understand these technologies and their wider impact, the better.”

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