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Keep It Tight is here!

Keep It Tight Podcast Launching on the 14th of February

Each Wednesday Deirdre and Emma will discuss what’s delighted them, bewildered them, enraged them, and everything in between.

No topic is out of bounds from the highest brow to the lowest pelvic floor. Through their uniquely comedic lens, this podcast creates the kind of belly laughs you’ll want to send to a friend; and with the state of the world, a good laugh is in order! With two queens of Irish Comedy, you’ll be in good hands.

Their friendship was recently cemented when they both took part in the no. 1 Amazon Prime show LOL Last one Laughing Ireland presented by Graham Norton. They’re two hilarious and fully-fledged grown women who don’t have time for the faff, so let’s just keep it tight shall we?

Keep It Tight is the latest podcast from HeadStuff Podcasts. You can listen to the first episode on the 14th of February on your podcast platform of choice. Listen to the trailer now.

‘‘Both Emma and I have such a great following of smart funny women who love a laugh – And this is for them really – everyone’s welcome, there’s no subject left off the table and we promise we’ll keep it tight”

– Deirdre O’Kane

“When Deirdre O’Kane asks you to do a podcast with her how can you say no? She is the funniest woman in Ireland. On and off stage”

– Emma Doran

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