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140 – What Am Politics? (The Finale)

It took some doing, but after 5 years and 140 episodes we have finally covered every single detail on the subject of politics. From this point onwards there will be no new information on the topic. Anyone who makes a claim to the contrary is probably a fa...
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139 – What Am The Internet? (with Dr Dónal Mulligan)

Are you ready to jack into the metaverse and surf a cyberwave down the information super highway? Stick on these VR goggles and join us as we chat with Read More →

138 – What Am Local Government? (with Mayor Peter Kavanagh)

Nobody cares about local government until the bins don’t get collected and the grass has grown really, really long on your local GAA pitch. Nobody, that is, except f...
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137 – What Am Populism?

Welcome back to Top of the Populists! Stay tuned to hear some anti-elitist bops from DJ Trump and many more!

Seriously though, Steve has finally recovered f...
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136 – What Am Development Aid? (with Caoimhe de Barra, CEO of Trocaire)

Development Aid isn't just about charity. Its about social justice. It's about helping people help themselves. In today's new episode, Steve and Richie chat to Read More →

135 – What Am Northern Ireland?

We're back, babaí! 

To ease back into things, the boys decided to tackle the light and breezy subject of *checks notes* ... Northern Ireland. 

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