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26: #26 | With Relish Live – From The Sublime To The Ridiculous

We were back at The Fumbally Cafe once again for this very special edition of the podcast, as With Relish makes its second appearance at The Dublin Podcast Festival & Eat:ith, The Fumbally’s autumn series of events. This years theme was; From The Sublime...
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25: #24 | An Episode About Crisps

Since beginning the show last year, we have tackled many of the lesser talked aspects of Ireland’s food industry in our episode themes, and will continue to do so fo...
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24: Banter with Jim Carroll ft With Relish live at Beatyard

**Banter with Jim Carroll ft With Relish live at Beatyard** This weeks offering is thanks to the wonderful Banter podcast by Jim Carroll, who very kindly asked Harr...
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23: #23 | How The Internet Has Changed The Way We Eat: Aoife McElwaine

This week on With Relish, Harry and Aoife explore one of life’s greatest conundrums:  Is the internet the absolute best, or is it a load of crap? Well here is a pl...
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22: #22 | The Regionality of Pizza: Daniel Young & Village Pizza Dublin

On episode 22 of With Relish, Harry and Aoife take a look into the world’s favourite snack food, pizza. From it’s debatable origins, to Dublin’s current love affair,...
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21: #21 | Birthday Party: Insect Cake, Drop Everything & A Year In Review

In true With Relish form, we were late for our own birthday party this year. Episode 21 is basically a celebration of our past 12 months (and a week or two) of food...
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