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Welcome to the world of HeadStuff+

This is a really good news

Welcome to HeadStuffPodcasts.com, the brand new home of the HeadStuff Podcast Network. The HPN started 5 years ago now with just a handful of shows, and today we boast nearly thirty shows across a vast array of genres – from comedy to true crime, arts and culture to politics and food, interview shows to narrative storytelling. It’s been a fun trip so far and now it’s time for the next stage of our journey.

The HeadStuff Podcast Network are delighted to announce the launch of HeadStuff+, a subscription service for fans of any of the shows that make up Ireland’s largest podcast network. By becoming a member you get behind the scenes access, bonus episodes, exclusive interviews and lots more. Not only do you get access to all this bonus material from the shows that you support directly, but from every show on the network – talk about bang for your buck!

Signing up to the HeadStuff+ community not only helps your favourite creators do more of what they do best, but you’ll also get a heap of bonus content from every show on the network, regardless of which show you support! There are exclusive bonus episodes, live shows, blooper reels, extra interviews, behind the scenes video, articles, reviews, photos, early access to events, merchandise and so much more.

From as little as €5 +VAT per month you can become a member of the HeadStuff+ community and start getting access to bonus materials today. When you sign up you can choose between one, two or three podcasts to support on the network – so you can support just your favourite show or spread your love between your choice listens. Either way you gain access to the bonus material of over 20 shows so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. 

So come join the community of Ireland’s largest podcast community and support those who bring you joy through the world of podcasting. Welcome to the world of HeadStuff+