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Dubland – The Catch Up

Possibly the most anticipated episode of Dubland so far? Suzanne and PJ have A LOT of catching up to do. There's no point in writing much of a description here, you're going to listen to it anyway, aren't you? So, we do the misery first and then move o...
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Dubland BOMA Sexy Beasts on Netflix

Dubland discuss the new Netflix reality TV dating show "Sexy Beasts" on this week's bonus episode. They also discuss what Suzanne would think of a half Stretch Ar...
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S2 Ep56: I Wanna Lie Down Like That Daddy

Dubland is back! They talk about the Olympics and the merit of just allowing drug use. The Euros, England's fans and Jack Grealish and Declan Rice. A quick mention o...
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S2 Ep55: Why Are People On The Northside Always Carrying Things?

There's lots to enjoy in this episode of Dubland, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be infuriated and you'll be terrorised. What more do you want? Are we reopening on...
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Dubland BOMA: Gearoid Farrelly Pops In!

Gearoid joins Suzanne and PJ to talk about his podcast, music, celebrity crushes and all sorts of random madness.

We hope you enjoy these bonus e...
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S2 Ep54: Candle Nipples Sack of Cans

Dubland begins this week with an accusation. PJ has the sort of tan that looks like it has a hint of Spanish sun in its making. PJ defends himself (and his dogs with...
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