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132: Peter McGann, Mark Cantan, Ali Fox

This week’s topic of the week is ‘spooky stories’. Returning caller Alan got a scare on a bus. Jolene had a run-in with a banshee outside her local Centra.

Dave is joined in the studio by Damien the spawn of Satan who says the time of reckoning ...
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131: Hannah Mamalis, Kevin McGahern, Ed Sammon

This week's topic of the week is ‘bitter disappointments'. Vinny was jilted at the altar. Jessica's children are all bitter disappointments to her.

Dave is ...
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130: Mark Cantan, Kate Feeney, Giles Brody

This week's topic of the week is ‘revenge gone awry'. Valerie tried to get revenge on her cheating husband but it backfired. Dean tried to get revenge on his ex-b...
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129: Laura O’Leary, Malachy McKeever, Finbarr Doyle

This week's topic of the week is ‘unfulfilled dreams’. Vincent always wanted to go to the moon. Paulie has always dreamed of owning a mini-fridge.

Dave is j...
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128: Mark Cantan, Stephen Bradley, Niall Keane

This week's topic of the week is 'stupid mistakes that still haunt you’. Terry mistakenly leaked classified information during The Cold War. Nigel locked himself ...
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127: Wren Dennehy, Kate Feeney, Sophie Shanley

This week's topic of the week is 'reigns of terror'. Jess is a teacher and her principal is a real dictator. Trish is proud that she runs her book club with an ir...
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